Brush up on your knowledge of our 5-a-side rules before you play.

No more than five players on the pitch for each side.
A game can officially be played with 4 players on the pitch for one team.
If a team arrive with fewer than 3 of their original players, then the other team must decide BEFORE kick off if they wish for the result to count towards the standings or whether to play the game as a friendly. This decision must be clear to both teams involved BEFORE kicking off.

The rules regarding fill in players are;

  1. You must have at least 3 of your normal team players playing to have the game officially count. (If you have fewer than 3 players you can still play but the opposition get to choose if the game will count towards the standings, this must be decided BEFORE the game and be clear to both teams! If the opposition does not want it to count toward standings then a  5-0 victory will be awarded to your opposition)
  2. If you are using any fill in players from any other team the maximum number of players you can have on your team is 6. (if everyone is from your actual team you can have as many subs as you like.)
  3. Once the game has started no “Fill in’ players are allowed to join the game (Unless the opposition agrees to letting them play first)

Teams have until ten minutes past the designated start time to field a legal team. The length of the game will be reduced to stick to time scales and it must be clear if the game is to be played as a friendly before kick off. If a team has less than 3 players then the game is forfeited. If at least 1-3 players show up then the game is played as a scratch match but there is no forfeit fee. If a team forfeits and no players are able to show up then there is an $89 forfeit fee. This Forfeit fee must be paid before the start of your next game. If your team is struggling for players you can always find subs by posting on our FB subs group here.

Substitutions can be made at any point during the game and are “rolling”. The substitute(s) must be off the pitch before the new player(s) comes on and must enter the pitch at the same place the player left the pitch. Play will not stop for substitutions. This includes after a goal, during a free kick etc.
Play will continue if a goalkeeper is switching into goal, even if this involves putting goalkeeper gloves on.
There is no limit to the amount of substitutions a team can make.
There is no limit to the amount of substitutes a team can have on the sideline. During finals players must have played 3 games during the regular season to play in Finals.

Anyone can be in the designated goal area, only the goal keeper can use their hands in this area.
Goal kicks are taken on the ground in the area by the goalkeeper.  If the keeper catches the ball they can roll, throw or kick the ball out.

All free kicks must be taken indirectly unless signed. The ball must be placed at the point of the foul and can be taken by any player. The opposing team must be 2 metres from the ball when a free kick is taken.
A free kick can be given for one of the following: (1) shoulder charging (2) roughness (3) Handball (4) dangerous play (5) slide tackles (6) lack of control in a tackle (7) time wasting.
Unlike 11-a-side soccer players are not permitted to deliberately use their body to gain advantage by pushing, bumping, shouldering or nudging. When approaching the ball, players must run in a direct line of path to the ball. If a player steps off that line, causes contact and disadvantages an opposing player, the referee can award a Free Kick to the opposing player.
The referee has yellow and red cards and is able to include a sin bin for two minutes at their discretion. Any red cards serve a 2 week suspension for that player. Yellow cards for dissent are an automatic 2 minute sin bin.
Back passes to the goalkeeper ARE allowed but the goalkeeper cannot pick up the ball and only has 5 seconds with the ball in the box.
Direct free kicks are awarded for any infringement that restricts the attacking team from having a shot on goal.  Penalty’s are awarded for any infringement that stops the attacking team from scoring an almost certain goal. To be taken directly in front of goal, 2 metres out from the goalkeepers box.
The penalty taker can only take one step before their penalty kick. The penalty taker is not permitted to run-up to the ball before taking the shot.

Results within league games will be awarded as follows: 3 points for a win, 1 points for a draw, 0 point for a loss and 0 points for a forfeit.
Forfeits are recorded as 5-0 loss to forfeiting team.

The referee’s decisions on the pitch are final.
These SportUP 5-a-side league rules are not exhaustive and may be added to or amended at any time.
SportUP reserves the right be to deduct 1 point from a team at our own discretion for a forfeit or any serious misconduct.