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2024-2025 Season Start Dates for Buderim
27 May 2024 – Winter Season start date
9 September 2024 – Spring Season start date
9 December 2024 – Summer Season start date
24 March 2025 – Autumn Season start date

2024-2025 Season Start Dates for Meridan
17 June 2024 – Winter Season start date
23 September 2024 – Spring Season start date
13 January 2025 – Winter Season start date
14 April 2025 – Spring Season start date


** Future dates are approximate’s and subject to change – please contact Paul – 0433 298 224 to confirm season start dates**

When you join the next season you don’t have to wait until that season starts to get playing!
Sub into any games in the current season that need subs for free using our Subs group (Subs group details will be emailed to you when you register)

Sunshine Coast Social Netball

  • 12 Week season @ Meridan and Buderim
  • Monday Nights (Social) – suited to new and beginner netball players
  • Tuesday Nights (Social & Ladies Social) – suited to new and beginner netball players
  • Wednesday Nights (Intermediate) – suited to players that know basic rules
  • Wednesday Nights (Social) – suited to new and beginner netball players
  • Thursday Nights (Intermediate Ladies only) – suited to players that know the rules
  • Thursday Nights (Social Ladies only) – suited to players that know basic rules
  • No side netting – just official netball rules
  • All spots are first come, first served, so don’t miss out!
left until our Spring Season starts in Buderim…

left until our Winter Season starts in Meridan…

Sunshine Coast Social Netball

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3 reasons to play social sport with SportUP?

Are you fed up of the same boring week nights every week, looking for something to get you excited and looking forward to your evenings?

SportUP offers just that!

Joining Sunshine Coast Social Netball with SportUP relieves stress, releases endorphins and gets a smile back on your face!
As well as allowing you to meet and interact with friendly and like minded new people.

  1. EASY – You can join as individual player or enter your own team – we guarantee to put you in a friendly team.
  2. SOCIAL – Our regular social events allow you to meet up with players from your netball team and other teams in a stress free, fun environment – check out the events page on Facebook.
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What skill level will my team be?

Skill levels can vary from team to team, we will try to keep it as even as possible so everyone has a great experience whilst playing social netball – Sunshine Coast.

If you are really worried about the skill level get in touch with your experience and I can let you know if our competition will be suitable for you.

I really want to play but I don't have a team?

No problem, our mission at SportUP is to help you get playing!

You can sign up as an individual and we will find the friendly teammates for you ?

What is the Happiness Guarantee?

We are so confident that you will love your first game as an individual player.

That if If you don’t enjoy your first game, you can move to another team, competition or sport.

Just call 0433 298 224 within 24hrs from your first game.

Please note there are no refunds provided regardless of reason eg injury, moving away, work etc.

We find this provides more committed players for your team giving your team the best chance to do well in the season :)

Why doesn't SportUP offer insurance?

Essentially because you get a better deal with private health cover. A club wide policy would require you to be insured for the whole year. This increase registration prices for little to no benefit.

As a blanket policy it would provide very limited cover of up to specific amounts e.g. $20 on each Physio. If you don’t have a medicare card or private health cover, we recommend you take out a personal accident or injury policy.

Whilst SportUP aims to provide a safe and fun place to play sport, accidents do happen so make sure you know what you are covered for with your insurance.

Is there a list of rules for the Competition?

Yep definitely, you can find a list of all the rules online but feel free to contact us if you want to clarify anything.

You can find all the rules here.

Still have a question?

To ask about our Social Netball Sunshine Coast – Message Paul by filling out the form below and he will try to get back to you within 24hrs.