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Where are games played?

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Am i guaranteed a team if I join as an individual player?

Yes! We guarantee to find you a friendly team.
98% of individual players successfully join a team.
Booking works on a first come, first served basis so if a team is full you will be put on a waiting list. So book early to avoid missing out!
If we ever can’t find you a team you will get a 100% refund.

Why doesn't SportUP offer insurance?

For us to offer insurance we would have to pay extremely high costs, with very little benefit to you the player.
Medicare is a great service, if you don’t have medicare we highly recommend taking out private personal accident and injury cover.

SportUP Sunshine Coast aims to provide a safe and fun place to play sports, accidents do happen so make sure you know what you are covered for with your insurance.

How is SportUP different to what I have played before?

This is a great question – SportUP is here to make playing social sport easy!
Essentially we want you, the player to be able to just rock up and play! (we’ll organise everything else)
Our social atmosphere makes us a great way to meet new people and our monthly social events mean you can socialise with your new found teammates and friends outside of Sport time!
Check out our socials page here

The answer to life??


It sounds simple enough but not enough people are making the most of it..

Think about when you laugh the most.. Is it on your phone checking Facebook? Sitting at home watching TV?.. Now how about when you’re out with your friends?

The time has come to smile, sweat, run, chat, win and play TOGETHER with friends on the boring weeknights.

SportUPs doesn’t just provide games, we give you a community of young professionals looking to make the most of life.

So for an hour or so a week, turn Netflix off, stop swiping on Tinder, and enjoy yourself :)

If I join with a friend, can we be placed on the same team?

Definitely! You can book 2 players in on the same form.
Or you can book separately and add your friends name to the ‘Friends?’ box at the end of the form.
This guarantees that you will both be placed on the same team together.
Choose your sport here.

How many games do I play?

Each team plays one game each week, there is no training just fun social games.
Once you book, we will do all the organising behind the scenes for you and send you an email with your first game time and new teammates :)
You are then booked in for 12 weeks of social sports. Fun fuelled fitness with mates.
Leagues typically last 12 weeks and are played at the same venue each week.
Your game time will vary each week but will be sometime between 6.00pm and 9.45pm each week.
At the end of each 12 week season, a new season starts again the following week!

Keen to get playing with some new teammates for the next 12 weeks?
You can join a season by choosing your sport here.

What if I can't commit to a full season?

Unfortunately there are no refunds for individual games missed.
We can help you find a replacement player so your team is not left short.
If you are going to miss more than half of the games.
Then you can join our ‘Subs Group’ on Facebook.
Whenever teams are short for one game, they post it there and you can fill in for $15.
You can request to join the Group here.

Can I join if I am a beginner?

All of our competitions are social so we have a nice mix of beginner and more experienced players.
Most SportUPers havent played for a while or have just moved city so are looking to get back into playing again.
A few of our Leagues are listed as ‘More Competitive’ or ‘More Social’ if you are a beginner, I recommend starting with the More Social comps.
You can always upgrade to more competitive after a season or two :)

What time are games?

This varies depending on the competition but the earliest game time will be 6.00pm.
The latest game time varies a bit more but is usually around 9.00pm.
Once you are allocated into a team you can check your fixtures page to find out the range of game times for your league.

Are games at the same venue each week?

Yes, all of our SportUP leagues are run at the same venue each week.
So you will know where to go each week.
You will play the other social teams in your competition.
After 10 weeks of games we have 2 weeks of Finals to crown a Grand Final Champion :)

How do I sign up?

Step 1. Choose a sport here.

Step 2. Enter as an individual, group or full team.

Step 3. Fill out the booking form to reserve your spot.

Individual – the majority of our players join as individuals not knowing anyone else.
Group – join and play on the same team with a friend, bf/gf, partner or workmate
Team – the captain pays for the whole team and collects money off the teammates.

Is it going to be hard to fit in?

It can be intimidating to join a gym or club if you haven’t played in a while or not as fit as you once were.

But at SportUP everyone is in the same position as you, they want to play sport socially.

This means that there are no cliques of players trying to impress, everyone is just there to have fun. If you are not looking to play competitively then you should fit in fine!

Where did the idea come from?

SportUp started when the founder, Sam Bass, was looking to play a game of soccer with friends after work.
The only problem was he had just moved to Brisbane and did not know anyone.
He wanted to build something that let young professionals play socially and give them the chance to get together off the field as well.
The idea of SportUP was born…

Sport has always been a massive part of my life. When I moved to Brisbane I wanted to keep fit and meet new friends that shared my passion. 

After several months and many different dead ends, I couldn’t find a team or club to join anywhere. I hated the alternative of paying a monthly contract to work out in a sterile unsocial gym.

As I was walking past the field outside my house I saw a group of people playing an informal game of soccer. 

I was desperate to join in and I figured that there must be other people in the same position as me so I created the first SportUP game.

Since our first game the idea of making sport social has just snowballed and it has been a part of something that people love.”

Social sport is evolving and SportUP is growing every week, join us and spread the word.

Sam Bass, Founder of SportUP

What is the SportUP mission?

Our mission is to make it really easy to play sport for fun.

We have quickly become the largest social sports club on the Sunshine Coast with over 2,723 members.

If you have just moved to the Sunshine Coast then there is no better place to find new friendly teammates.

Thanks to our players we are the Sunshine Coasts largest social sports club.

We love being the best place for you to make the most of your week with sport and socials.

Score a screamer at Soccer then try your hand at barefoot bowls or ten pin bowling at one of our social events.

Get fit, meet more people and try new things together.

SportUP your week!

Any other questions?

Can’t find your question here?

Message Paul here: 


Season vs Single Games?

All our single games for all our sports are $15ea.
Our season fees vary from $180 to $240, this depends on the number of weeks in the season.
The season booking guarantees you a game every week with the same team :)
You can choose a sport to book here.

Can I pay monthly?

If you join before the season starts then you get the option to pay Up Front or Monthly Instalments.
It is more expensive to pay in monthly instalments but it means you don’t have to pay the full fee up front.
Once the season starts you pay $15 for each week left in the season. This has to be paid up front, there is no monthly option.

If I don't enjoy my first game can I get a refund?

I want everyone to enjoy their games, that is the aim of SportUP.
If you find the skill level is not suited to you or you don’t enjoy your first game for any refund.
You get the choice of moving to a more suitable league or you can get a full refund of your booking.
All you have to do is email [email protected] within 24hrs from your first game.
If you have to cancel for any reason after this period then there is no refund regardless of the reason for cancellation.
However if you let me know I can help you find a replacement player so that your teammates are not left short.

How do I make a team booking?

On the booking form for your sport, for ‘Number of Players?’ select ‘Team’.
You can then reserve a spot for your team with a $200 deposit.
You will be emailed a payment link for the remaining team fees and this is due before your Week 2 game.
Or if you have already collected the payment from your teammates, you can choose to pay the full team fee up front for the season.

How do I make a corporate booking?

We have a range of corporate teams looking to play socially after work.
If you email [email protected] I can send an invoice to your company.

I really enjoyed my first season, can I book again on the same team?

Yes on the booking form select returning player.
You can then choose the team you were on and complete payment.
Book 1 week before the league starts to get the EarlyBird discount and to guarantee a spot on your team.

Can I get a refund after the season has started?

If you don’t enjoy your first game you can get a full 100% refund. Just email [email protected] within 24hrs from your first game.

After 24hrs from your first game there is no refund however still let me know if you can no longer play and I can try and find a replacement player for your team.

Our seasons are short so you only have to commit for 12 weeks and we have found the players that commit the most make the best leagues.

However if something does come up and you can’t play, let me know and I can help you find a replacement player for your team, you can contact me here.

Any other questions?

Can’t find your question here?

Message Sam using the Live Chat on the bottom right of this page or email here: 

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How do RSVPs work?

I have booked, how do I get notified of my first game?

1 week before the league starts you will get an email with your new league details.
That Friday you will get another email with an invite to join your team page on Teamer.
Once you accept the invite you can login to your team page.
You will also get sent an email invite to join the first game.
All you need to do is click ‘Accept’ or ‘Decline’.
There will be a link to download the Teamer app in your email.
It is not compulsory but it does make it easier as they send you notifications when you have a new game and you can chat with the other players on Teamtalk.

When do game notifications usually get sent?

Game notifications get sent every Friday.
In your invite you will be able to see the time, venue address and who else on your team is going.
You need to accept or decline your invite at least 24hrs before your game starts.
So that if your team is short, I can help find you some sub in players.

What happens if a game is Cancelled?

Games are rarely cancelled but in certain cases there may be a BYE or rained out games.
You will receive an SMS with all the cancellation details.
If you are not sure if your game has been cancelled you can check our Facebook Page here for the most up to date info.

I am going to be away for a few weeks, how can I tell my team?

On Teamer you can click on Events > Calendar.
Select the dates you will be away and enter the reason.
You will no longer receive game invites for those dates as you will automatically be marked as being away.
If you don’t RSVP for 2 weeks in a row, then you are removed from the team so make sure you keep your Teamer page updated during the season.

How do I find the venue my games are at?

On Teamer you can click on the Game > Map.
This will show a map of your venue.
If you want parking directions you should receive all the details in your welcome email to the league.

How do I join a SportUP Social event?

You can book all our socials as an individual player or together as a team.
You can see what socials we have coming up this month on our Facebook Page here.

Make sure you like our page so you dont miss the announcements of our new social events.

Any other questions?

Can’t find your question here?

Message Sam using the Live Chat on the bottom right of this page or email here: 

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  • Accepted file types: jpg, png, psd, Max. file size: 128 MB.

    Max file size 128mb