🏐 Up Front Season Fee: $17.50 x 12 weeks = $210
🏐 Waiting List: All spots are first come, first served, so don’t miss out!

left until our Spring Season starts…

2021-2022 Season Start Dates

31 May 2021 – Winter Season start date
20 September 2021 – Spring Season start date
13 December 2021 – Summer Season start date
28 March 2022 – Autumn Season start date

** Future dates are approximate’s and subject to change – please contact Paul – 0433 298 224 to confirm season start dates**

When you join the next season you don’t have to wait until that season starts to get playing!
Sub into any games in the current season that need subs for free using our Subs group (Subs group details will be emailed to you when you register)

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