INTRODUCTION Basketball Rules 

It is the responsibility of each player to be familiar with the appropriate SportUP rules for the competition played (by Sport) as well as the SportUP Code of Community Conduct and our Terms and Conditions

At SportUP we believe that fun, and playing social sports, doesn’t have to stop when you become an adult!


Below is a small sample of the rules for basketball at SportUP. 

Read this document in full to gain a whole understanding of the rules and codes of conduct expectations for playing with SportUP.

Team Numbers;
– A team of registered players is allowed to play as many players as they wish
– For a game to be legally counted a team must have at least 4 of their original registered players.
– A team may ask for up to 2 subs to fill in for them (Making a total of 6 players)
– A team cannot have more than 6 players if they are using “Fill in Players”
– If a team wishes to use “Fill In Players” past the limit of 6 or if your team has less than 4 players your team will forfeit the game (You can still play but the score will be recorded as a 10-0 victory for the other team.)
– If you think your opposition does not have the required amount of original players or they have too many fill in players you must talk to the referee BEFORE the game starts. A decision can then be made if the game is to be forfeited or if it will be a legal game.

  1. All players must be at least 16+ years of age
  2. All players must be registered through our “Add Player” Link at the beginning of each new season with SportUP
  3. Five players on the court (if mixed gender competition, one female in the team and playing as much of the game as possible)
  4. Player substitutions may be made at any time.
  5. Game rules will abide by FIBA rules and be modified for social basketball. 
  6. Any player can ask the referee at the venue before games or during quarter breaks for clarification on any of the rules.
  7. Basketball is a non contact sport. Dangerous play is not allowed and will not be tolerated.
  8. The Regular Season runs for 12 weeks. The team at the top of the table after 12 weeks will be crowned Champions. Prizes will also be awarded to the Most Social Team. This prize will be awarded based on SportUP Points collected throughout the season as well as other contributing factors over the season.
  9. Teams must choose a colour and wear matching or similar colour shirts throughout the season – (we recommend having and bringing 2 colours incase there is a clash with the opposition)


  1. We really care
  2. We keep it simple
  3. We face challenge with optimism
  4. We focus of fun



  • All jewellery or items worn by players must be removed at the start of the game. 
  • Referees will have final say on what constitutes as dangerous and have the power to remove any players from the game who do not comply with this rule.


  • A game shall consist of four by nine minute quarters
  • Game clocks will start ON TIME. Each minute passed within the first quarter unplayed, the opposition will be awarded 2 points until the team is ready or has the minimum number of players on the court.
  • The clock does not stop for any injuries/incidents within the regular playing time.
  • Teams will change ends at half time. 
  • There will be a maximum one-minute break at half time and between each quarter time. 
  •  A game is started and finished by the referee’s whistle.
  • No timeouts are allowed.


  • Team substitutions are ‘rolling,’ and can be made at any point in the game.
  • There is no limit on the number of substitutions per team/per game. 
  • The substituted player must be off the court before a new player comes on
  • Players must substitute within touching distance of each other.


There are different circumstances when a player may be cautioned for unsporting behaviour, including if a player: 

  • attempts to deceive the referees, e.g. by feigning injury or pretending to have been fouled 
  • commits a foul in a reckless manner
  • shows a lack of respect for the game
  • verbally distracts an opponent during play
  • Verbally or physically aggravates an opponent or referee


SportUP Operates under the “3 strike warning” in addition to Technicals/ Unsportsmanlike Fouls

  • The first warning is a verbal warning
  • The second warning is a verbal warning with a time out (duration at the discretion of the referee)
  • The third warning is an immediate dismissal from the game. 
  • Consistent infringements made by individual players will result in a ban from SportUP per our Terms & Conditions 




Our Basketball rules have been modified for our social competitions to keep games simple but still fair.

  • Teams are given up to 6 fouls per quarter until the opposition is awarded 2 free throws for each foul following.
  • Unsportsmanlike Fouls and Technical Fouls will be called at the discretion of the referee. 
  • All plays made directly at the player and not a play at the ball will be ‘Unsportsmanlike’.
  • Any swearing will be given one warning, and continuous swearing or arguing with calls will result in a ‘Technical Foul’. 
  • Consistent technical fouls are against the nature of this competition so 2nd technical foul in a season results in a 2-week suspension and 3rd technical foul in a season results in suspension from the competition.
  • Unsportsmanlike Fouls: 2 free throws for the player fouled, and the team gains possession at halfway.
  • Technical Fouls: 1 penalty free-throw for any player and then the ball goes to the team 


A player, substitute or spectator who is guilty of dissent by protesting (verbally or nonverbally) against the decisions of the referees or assistant referees will be cautioned.

The captain of a team has no special status or privileges but has a degree of responsibility for the behaviour of his/her team and their guests/spectators.

Any player or spectator who attacks a match official or is guilty of using offensive, rude or obscene gestures or language will be sent off.


  • We have a 0 tolerance policy on physical and/or verbal abuse towards our referees
  • Swearing, Bad language, Racist comments and/or overt dissent regarding a referee’s decision are all unacceptable at SportUP.
  • A player who uses unacceptable language will receive one verbal warning, and will be asked immediately to leave the court and will not be allowed back on the court for the rest of the game if they continue to use bad language. 
  •  Staff will ask spectators (including players on the pitch, coaches and managers) who use unacceptable language or abuse to leave the premises. Failure to do so will result in the game being abandoned and the offending team deemed to have lost on forfeit. A ban may also result. 



  • There shall be at least one referee per match. 
  • The match referee is responsible for all events on and surrounding a court between the end of one game and the start of another. 
  • Referees are independent service providers employed by SportUP. 
  • If a player abuses or shows dissent to a referee on or off the court, the offending player will be asked to leave the court and will not be allowed back on the court for the rest of the game. 
  •  If a player persists in abusive behaviour after being asked to leave the court, the player will be asked to leave the premises. 
  • Any queries that players may have about rules and their interpretations are only to be asked of the referee at half time or full time. This must be done politely and respectfully.
  • During the course of play, a referee’s decision is final.


  • Teams shall be awarded 3 points for a win.
  • Teams shall be awarded 1 point for a draw.
  • In the case of a forfeit or BYE, a team shall receive 3 points and a 20-0 result.
  • In the case of the game being abandoned, the game will be decided on a fault basis.
  • Teams that join late will be given points to place them in the mid-table.
  • The Regular Season runs for 12 weeks. The team at the top of the table after 12 weeks will be crowned Champions. Prizes will also be awarded to the Most Social Team. This prize will be awarded based on SportUP Points collected throughout the season as well as other contributing factors over the season.

The following outlines possible outcomes:

  • One team at fault: Opposition is awarded a 20-0 win
  • Both teams at fault: No result (no points awarded)


Players understand that the nature of sporting activity means that there are inherent risks of injury in both training and playing. SportUP, it’s facility managers and game officials do not accept any liability for any injury that a player should suffer during a game or training session. 

Players and members of teams play at their own risk. 

Players need to make their own separate insurance arrangements against the event that they injure themselves in the course of playing or training. 

Players should consider taking out personal medical cover as well as cover for their own financial position if they are unable to work for an extended period.


The referees will give the basic signals listed below.