Get the lowdown on our social Basketball rules.

Game rules will abide by FIBA rules and be modified for social basketball. Any players can ask the referee at the venue before games or during quarter breaks for clarification on any of the rules.

Each team consists of no more than 5 players on the court at one time, with no limit on squad sizes. Leagues are open to both men and women, with no requirements to have a certain number of each gender on the court and no special rules for ladies.

All jewellery or items worn by players must be removed at the start of the game. Referees will have final say on what constitutes as dangerous and have the power to remove any players from the game who do not comply with this rule.
* This includes any watches, wristbands, rings, necklaces etc.

Team substitutions are ‘rolling,’ and can be made at any point in the game.

There is no limit on the number of substitutions per team/per game. The substituted player must be off the court before a new player comes on and they must substitute within touching distance of each other.

If the minimum number of rostered players are met, teams are legally allowed to pick up ‘ringers’ to make a team of 5 with 1 sub. Teams may not pick up any players to exceed a team of 6 (1 substitution) and fill in players must be agreed upon with the opposition BEFORE THE GAME BEGINS.

Extra Substitutions are not allowed in the Finals unless they have played a minimum of 3 games for the team within the regular season and signed on the team waiver.

*Teams can only pick up extra substitutions at the BEGINNING of the game. None throughout.

Our Basketball rules have been modified for our social competitions to keep games simple but still fair.

So teams are given up to 6 fouls per quarter until the opposition is awarded 2 free throws for each foul following.

Unsportsmanlike Fouls and Technical Fouls will be called at the discretion of the referee. All plays made directly at the player and not a play at the ball will be ‘Unsportsmanlike’.

Any swearing will be given one warning, and continuous swearing or arguing with calls will result in a ‘Technical Foul’. Consistent technical fouls are against the nature of this competition so 2nd technical foul in a season results in a 2-week suspension and 3rd technical foul in a season results in suspension from the competition.

Unsportsmanlike Fouls: 2 free throws for the player fouled, and the team gains possession at halfway.

Technical Fouls: 1 free throw for any player and the team gains possession at halfway.

Games are divided into 4 x 9 minute running quarters and clocks will start ON TIME. The clock does not stop for any injuries/incidents within the regular playing time and ONLY stops in the last 2 minutes of the 4th quarter.

Ties within the regular season will remain a tie.

When two or more teams have an equal number of points after playing the same number of games, table positions are calculated using the overall points difference for the league.

If your team has to forfeit there will be an $89 forfeit fee. This forfeit fee will go to the opposition as they missed out on playing a game. The forfeit fee will need to be paid before your next game.

Teams must have a minimum of 3 players from the rostered team for a legal game; any less and it will become an automatic forfeit. Teams must also have a minimum of 4 players on the court to start the game. If 4 players cannot be made, the team will have till the end of first quarter (running clock) to finalise players and find “Fill In Players”.

Game clocks will start on time; therefore each minute passed within the first quarter unplayed, the opposition will be awarded 2 points until the team is ready or has the minimum number of players on the court.

If your team is short you can post on our Brisbane SportUP Subs page to find some fill-ins.

The Regular Season runs for 12 weeks

Prizes will be awarded for first place, second place and most social team.