Get the lowdown on our social Backyard Cricket Competition rules.



  • Six players in a team.
  • Each innings consists of 20 minutes of game time
  • The choice of innings is decided by a coin toss
  • There will be a maximum of 1 minute in between each innings.
  • Winning teams will be decided by which team scores the most runs in their innings


  • Batters will bat alone and swap after every 6 balls
  • Batting is hit and run, if the ball is hit you must run, around the cone to the left side, any ball behind the white line cannot be run on.
  • There are 3 ways to get out;
  1. for the bowler to bowl the ball and hit the wickets (the bowler can bowl the ball as soon as his fielding teams gets him/her the ball and he is behind the crease, even if the batsman is not back in his crease)
  2. Be caught either off the wall on the full or just caught
  3. To be caught one handed after the ball bounces on the ground once (the wall counts as a bounce)
  • All wickets carry a 3 run penalty
  • If the ball bounces and hits the back wall it will be deemed a “four”
  • If the ball hits the back wall above the blue line it will be deemed a “six”
  • Should the ball be caught in one hand off of any wall or net, then a wicket will be awarded (with 3 run penalty).
  • The LBW dismissal will not be a valid wicket.
  • Note – If a shot strikes the ceiling/ fan or the ball is lost the batsman is deemed out (3­ runs deducted)


  • Maximum of two overs per bowler. (which cannot be consecutive)
  • No Balls – two runs will be awarded for all no-balls. A No ball is an un-hittable ball (Umpires discretion) and for all balls that reach the batter on the full over waist height.
  • The bowling team must get through 14 overs in their allotted 20 minutes
  • 10 runs will be awarded to the batting team for every over missed


  • All rules shall be interpreted by the Umpire in accordance with “The Spirit Of The Game”.
  • This standard shall override all rules hereinafter detailed and total discretionary power shall be left with the Umpire for his final decision after taking “The Spirit Of The Game” into account.
  • All other aspects of the game not covered by the Indoor League rules will be governed by the ECB laws of cricket.


1.1 The rules in this document take precedence in the event of any discrepancy.

1.2 It is the responsibility of each player to be familiar with these rules.

Team Registration

2.1 Team Registration Fees must be paid prior to Round 2.

2.2 All players must be registered online before participating.

2.3 The playing of unregistered players is not permitted and may result in loss of match points.

Match Format

3.1 Games shall consist of 2 X 20 minute innings.

3.2 There will be a one minute half-time break.

3.3 A match is started and finished by the umpires whistle.

Sign In Sheets

4.1 Teams must complete the sign in sheet prior to match commencement.

4.2 Sign in sheets must include names of all participating players.

4.3 All outstanding payments must be made prior to match commencement.

4.4 The referee must receive completed Sign in sheets before games can commence.

4.5 If the minimum number of rostered players are met, teams are legally allowed to pickup ‘ringers’ to make a team of 6. Teams may not pickup any players to exceed a team of 6 and fill in players must be agreed upon with the opposition BEFORE THE GAME BEGINS.

Extra Substitutions are not allowed in the Finals unless they have played a minimum of 3 games for the team within the regular season and signed on the team waiver.

Teams can only pickup extra substitutions at the BEGINNING of the game. None throughout.


Time of Match

5.1 Teams are to be on court at the scheduled game time.

5.2 The umpire will start the clock at the scheduled match time to ensure that all teams have a full match.

5.3 The clock will not be stopped, except in the case of injury.

5.4 Teams are to have a minimum of 4 players on court before a match can commence.

5.5 The following penalties apply for lateness:

1-3 mins: 6 runs

3-9 mins: 20 runs

9-12 mins: 30 runs

12+ mins: Forfeit

5.6 A forfeit will result in a 50-0 win awarded to the opposition. All forfeits are charged at the full match rate of $89. The forfeit fee is to be paid prior to a teams next match.

5.7 A forfeit without notification may result in removal from league.


6.1 A maximum of 6 players are permitted on court at any one time.

6.8 For all SportUP competitions, players must be a minimum of 15 years of age to participate. It is the responsibility of each team to ensure this rule is enforced at all times.

Team Uniforms

7.1 All team tops must be the same colour.

7.2 All players must wear sporting attire and footwear.


8.1 There is no limit on the amount of substitutions a team is permitted to make during a match.


9.1 In the case of an injury occurring, the clock will be stopped up to a maximum of 5 minutes.

9.2 An injured player must leave the court as soon as reasonably possible.

9.3 Once an injured player leaves the court, their position may be filled by another player.

9.4 If a player is bleeding he or she must vacate the court immediately and cannot return until the bleeding has stopped.

9.5 An injury that causes a stoppage of over 15 minutes will result in the abandonment of the game. A 20-20 result will be recorded.

9.6 Any injury that might require further medical treatment must be reported to the Venue Manager on the Incident Report form.

Points system

10.1 Teams shall be awarded 3 points for a win.

10.2 Teams shall be awarded 1 point for a draw.

10.4 In the case of the game being abandoned, the game will be decided on a fault basis.

The following outlines possible outcomes:

– One team at fault: Opposition is awarded a 20-0 win

– Both teams at fault: No result (no points awarded)

10.5 In the case of a game cancellation due to weather or venue issue, the result will stand if more than 50% of the game has been played. If less than 50%, the result will be a 10-10 draw.


11.1 All finals fixtures will be advised to participating teams and posted online. The Regular Season runs for 10 weeks, followed by 2 weeks of Finals. All teams will play during the finals.

Semi Final: Top 4 teams play in the Finals (1st vs 4th) and (2nd vs 3rd). All other teams (5th – 10th) will play teams beside them on the ladder.

Grand Finals: Winners of the Semi Final A will vs winners of the Semi Final B, and 3rd will vs 4th. All other teams will play the winner vs winner from the previous week  and vs the teams beside them on the ladder.

11.2 Participating teams must ensure they are available for all possible match times.

11.3 Finals formats are dependent on the make-up of divisions.

11.4 In the case of divisions with uneven bye allocation, byes will be awarded as 50 – 0 win.

11.5 In the case of teams having equal points and equal points per match, higher run difference will take precedence. If still equal, higher runs for will take precedence.

11.6 If teams are tied at full-time of a finals match, extra time will consist of a super over (both teams face 6 balls). In the event that scores remain tied, another super over will be played

11.7 Players must have played a minimum of 3 games in the regular season to be eligible to play in finals matches.


12.1 The umpires decision in all rulings is final.

SportUP Code of Conduct

The SportUP Code of Conduct is in place to ensure that all participants are able to be involved in an enjoyable and safe environment. As a condition of participation, all teams must agree to the following standards.

– Players must demonstrate respect for umpires, other players, spectators and staff.

– The team contact is responsible for the actions of their team.

– The team contact is responsible for communicating all matters regarding participation.

Any breach of the above standards will result in an official warning or immediate dismissal from the competition. Anti-social behaviour, both on and off court, will not be tolerated.

Please note that banned players are not permitted to play for any team or enter the stadium during competition.

Two or more players from any one team involved in a breach of the Code of Conduct will result in the team and all individual players facing removal from the competition.

SportUP has the right to take any action deemed necessary in the best interests of all participants.

Suspension of Players

If a player is removed from the court, they must remain off court for a minimum of 5 minutes. An umpire will indicate when the player is able to return to play.
If a player is removed for a second time, they must stay off court for the remainder of the game. A minimum of a 1-match ban will be handed out. Suspension length will be notified to the team contact prior to a teams next game.
In the case of a serious incident, a player may be removed from the court for the remainder of the game. A player may receive a longer suspension or be banned from the competition.
The League Manager will confirm suspension (including additional weeks) to the team contact prior to the next round of the competition.