Sunshine Coast indoor sports – Things to do!

Sunshine Coast indoor sports –

I have 3 questions for you, if you answer yes to one or more keep reading…

  1. Are you new to the Sunshine Coast?
  2. Have you found it hard to meet new people, and make friends?
  3. Do you love social sports and being active?

My Story;

I moved to the Sunshine Coast 18 months ago, and I love it! There’s beautiful scenery, lifestyles and people…
Despite this I found it really hard to meet new people and create a solid friendship group…

So why did I find myself struggling to meet people?

The truth is that it’s actually really hard to meet people outside of work here on the Sunshine Coast, but don’t despair YOU are not alone!
There are literally thousands of us who are in the same boat!

The good news!

I have found a way to unite the individuals who want to meet new people so they can share and experience this beautiful part of the world with others!

Sport! Specifically Social Sports…

I started looking at ways to create meaningful encounters with others by using something I am passionate about – Sport!

Now I love sport, but by no means am I the best at sport I just enjoy the participation, learning and enjoyment I get from playing.

So I set up a group online and invited others to come and join me at the park for a social kick around – and that’s how it started!

How does this help you I hear you ask!

Well the good news for you is you don’t have to set up a social sporting event to meet new people!

You can utilise SportUP – SportUP is a platform which allows you to come and play a range of sports from Soccer – Netball – Basketball and TRL (Touch Rugby League)

Play once a week with other individuals, meet them at the same venue every week and slowly start to build a rapport with your new found teammates and friends!

Join the Sunshine Coast Social Sport revolution!

Join over 680 new members who are looking to play sport, make friends and socialise…

The only thing holding you back now is you!

Improve your physical and mental well being and get involved today :)

‘In the beginning we had 4 players’

‘Now we have over 680 active members’ – Will you be next to find out the benefits of playing social sports in a fun and friendly environment?