Sunshine Coast Social Volleyball

  • 6v6 Volleyball fun and social played on quality indoor courts!
  • Used to play Volleyball but would love to play again?
  • Or currently play but would like to play more often?
  • Join one of our teams with other friendly individual teammates.
  • Get playing plus meet new mates :)

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4 Reasons to join us!

  1. Meet New Mates – All our games are social and friendly, you already have a love for Volleyball in common so you are bound to meet new mates.
  2. Individuals Welcome – We are the only club built for individual players so we welcome all players.
  3. Have fun getting fit – Enjoy getting out and laughing with friends instead of being stuck in the soulless sterile atmosphere at the gym.
  4. 100% Satisfaction – If for any reason you don’t enjoy your game we will refund the amount back to you with no questions asked. Just let me know within 24hrs from your first game.

Sunshine Coast Social Volleyball

  • 12 Week League
  • Grand Final Prizes
  • Friendly qualified Referees
  • No extra hidden match fees

4 reasons our leagues are different?

  1. Social – meet other players and teams at socials once a month
  2. Play on a quality indoor court with toilets and change rooms plus warm up area.
  3. Welcome individual players – We guarantee to put you in a friendly team
  4. 100% Money Back Guarantee – if you don’t enjoy your first game, get a full refund. Just email request within 24hrs from your first game.

I really want to play but don't have a team?

No problem! You can sign up as an individual or with a friend and we will find the friendly teamates for you :)

Just fill out the form here to get notified when our season starts.

Can I play with a friend?

Of course! Lots of players book with a friend and we can make sure you are both placed on the same team. You have two options:

  1. One player can fill out the booking form and pay for both of you.
  2. You can fill out the booking form and pay separately. Just add each others names to the friends box to be allocated a team together.

If you book during the EarlyBird period 2 weeks before the league starts then we guarantee to place you on the same team.

After that all our teams work on a first come, first served basis so book early to guarantee a spot.

What skill level will my team be?

We try to create teams of similar ability but our competitions are social so the skill level will vary between teams, like it does for all competitions.

We have experienced state players and new players, but everyone is looking to enjoy playing some Football.

If you are new to Football or haven’t played in a long time start with our Social Night and if you have played before and want a challenge join our Competitive Night.

If you are really worried about the skill level get in touch with your experience and I can let you know if our competition will be suitable for you.

You can also view video highlights from our games to get a sense of what our competition is like. You can find them on our Facebook Page here.

What if I'm a beginner player?

You have come to the right place! Just make sure you select the social night and you can learn the rules by playing.

All our games are social so no one takes it too seriously and our friendly umpire can help explain the basic rules at the start of the first game :)

Each season of our social night we have a few beginners or players that haven’t played in a long time.

What happens if I can't make it one week?

All our teams have a few subs so you won’t be letting your team down if you cant make it one week.

We also have a sub in system so if your team has lots of players away one week we can find you replacement subs for that game so you don’t have to play short.

Unfortunately there aren’t any refunds for individual missed games.

What is the difference between the 'social' and 'intermediate' nights?

The ‘social’ night is perfect if you haven’t played in a while or want to play with more relaxed friendly teams.

The ‘intermediate’ night is better suited if you have played a bit before and are looking to challenge yourself at a bit higher level.

Please note both competitions are social so the main aim is to have fun playing!

If you are play to win at all costs then this isn’t the right league for you :)

Is the league open to Mens and Mixed teams?

Our competition is open so we welcome both Mens and Mixed teams.

You can have any mix of guys and girls on your team.

Our Social Night is 90% Mixed teams and our Intermediate night is 90% Mens teams.

How much does it cost and whats included?

The team fee for a season is $801. This is the only fee for teams, there are no other extra payments during the season.
For a squad of 6 players this works out to be $133.50ea.

If you need time to organise the payment from your teammates you can choose the $200 deposit. This reserves your team a spot for the first week of games and full payment is required by Week 2.

Individual player season fees are $180 per season. This lets you join a team with other individual players and play with the same team every week.

Once the season fee is paid there are no other payments so you can relax and enjoy playing each week!

The EarlyBird special ends 2 weeks before the season starts. If you book during the EarlyBird period then you get $120 discount as a team or $30 discount for individuals automatically applied.

What time and location are the games?

We play at Mathew Flinders Anglican College in Buderim –  You can find directions here.

Games are 40mins and game times will be between 6.00pm and 9.00pm.

We play at the same venue every week and you can check your game time anytime on the website.

What is the refund policy?

If you don’t enjoy your first game you can get a full 100% refund. Just email [email protected] within 24hrs from your first game.

After 24hrs from your first game there is no refund however still let me know if you can no longer play and I can try and find a replacement player for your team.

We find this provides more committed players for your team giving your team the best chance to do well in the season :)

Why doesn't SportUP offer insurance?

Essentially because you get a better deal with private health cover. A club wide policy would require you to be insured for the whole year rather than just for the length of the league so it would increase registration prices.

Plus as a blanket policy it would provide only very limited cover of up to specific amounts e.g. $20 on each Physio. If you don’t have a medicare card or private health cover we recommend you take out a personal accident or injury policy.

Whilst SportUP aims to provide a safe and fun place to play sport, accidents do happen so make sure you know what you are covered for with your insurance.

Any other questions?

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Still have a question?

Message Paul by filling out the form below and he will try to get back to you within 24hrs.